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Five For Your Friday

Happy Friday! Here’s some new tunes to kick off your weekend!

Atlas Genius

This Australian quartet is hard at work in the studio making new tunes set to drop in the early months of 2012. Currently, the only official release by Atlas Genius is the single “Trojans”, which in the past 2 months alone, generated over 10,000 downloads on US iTunes. The single also boasts the title of “13th Most Requested Song of 2011” on AltNation.  Atlas Genius mixes syncopated beats, acoustic guitar and electro sounds resulting in an extremely catchy indie-pop song.

If you like Phoenix, you may like Atlas Genius

“Trojans” by Atlas Genius

The Jezabels

Another musical gem from down under is Sydney’s own The Jezabels. The Jezabels formed in 2007 after meeting at University of Sydney.  They have released three EP’s, and  debuted their first full album, Prisoner, in September 2011. Prisoner landed The Jezabels a #2 spot on the Australian charts. Marrying powerful vocals to energetic drum beats and steady piano chords, The Jezabels give us a refreshing  track whose genre is difficult to pinpoint. “Easy To Love” is off their 2009 EP She’s So Hard.

If you like Florence + The Machine, you may like The Jezabels.

“Easy To Love” by The Jezabels

Loch Lomond

Despite their name, Loch Lomond‘s roots are in Portland, Oregon. Loch Lomond started in 2003 as the solo recording project of Ritchie Young (formerly a member of The Standard). Loch Lomond eventually settled into a nine piece band, consisting of various instruments (such as the clarinet, banjo, mandolin, glockenspiel and piano) that combine to produce a rich chamber folk sound. Wax and Wire is off their 2010 album “Night Bats”

If you like Beirut, you may like Loch Lomond

“Wax and Wire” by Loch Lomond

Wolf Gang

Wolf Gang is fronted by vocalist Max McElligott, and is a relatively young band, having formed in London in 2009. However, despite their youth, Wolf Gang already has a large deal of experience, having  toured with popular groups, such as, Florence + The Machine, Metric and Miike Snow.  Typically classified as alt. rock or symphonic rock, Wolf Gang’s music elicits the urge break out into dance.  “The King and All of His Men” was released as a single in 2009, then re-released on their 2011 album Suego Faults.

If you like The Naked and Famous, you may like Wolf Gang

“The King and All of His Men” by Wolf Gang

Of Monsters and Men

Recently there has been a rise in the popularity of Nordic bands in the US, one of the most notable reasons being they make great music, this Icelandic band is no exception. In 2010 Of Monsters and Men won Músíktilraunir(a nation wide battle of the bands),  they have also been referred to as “the new Arcade Fire”, as well as “Iceland’s Mumford and Sons” by Rolling Stones Magazine’s David Fricke. Their debut album My Head is an Animal  was released in Iceland in September 2011.  “Little Talks” was released in the US on an EP entitled Into The Woods. 

If you like The Hush Sound you may like Of Monsters and Men

“Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men


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