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Five For Your Friday

Latest installment of Five For Your Friday, featuring: Cold Cave, We Are Augustines, Pepper Rabbit, Efterklang, and Dark Mean. Enjoy!

Cold Cave

Originally started 7 years ago in Philadelphia, Cold Cave is the music project of Wesley Eisold. Previously a member of hardcore bands, such as American Nightmare and Give Up the Ghost, when Eisold was asked about his drastic transition from hardcore to synthpop/darkwave, he stated that “I stumbled into this pop element and I really like presenting my ideas and words to music like this”. “Life Magazine” features handclaps, heavy distortion and echoed vocals sung by former Xiu Xiu member Caralee McElroy.

If you like Zola Jesus, you may like Cold Cave.

“Life Magazine” by Cold Cave

We Are Augustines

We Are Augustines was formed in 2010 by Billy McCarthy(guitarist) and Eric Sanderson (bassist), after the break-up of their previous band Pela (2004-2009). We Are Augustines debut album, Rise Ye Sunken Ships, is emotionally charged and reflects life-changing events, such as the death of his brother and Pela disbanding,  McCarthy experienced while working on the album.

If you like We Were Promised Jetpacks, you may like We Are Augustines.

“Chapel Song” by We Are Augustines

Pepper Rabbit

Forming in 2008 in New Orleans, LA, Pepper Rabbit is now based in Los Angeles. The duo boasts roughly 11 instruments in their musical repertoire, and combines them to produce, what has been described as, experimental dream-pop. In there sophomore album Beauregards, released in 2010, Pepper Rabbit skillfully joins ukelele, piano, drums and synth with beautiful yet chilling vocals to create “Older Brother”.

If you like Generationals, you may like Pepper Rabbit.

“Older Brother” by Pepper Rabbit


Efterklang, coming from the Danish word for “remembrance”, formed at the end of 2000 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The group has four main members, however they often play live with three to five additional musicians. Countering piano melodies, layered with kick drum interjections and lush strings melt together in Efterklang’s “Modern Drift” off their 2010 album Magic Chairs.

If you like Seabear you may like Efterklang

“Modern Drift” by Efterklang

Dark Mean

Ontario native Dark Mean began working on their debut album in 2007, however, it wasn’t released until 2011. Despite lacking an album, the Canadian trio amassed a large amount of publicity through the releases of singles/EPs such as Frankencottage. Beginning quietly with synth and startling musical bridges, “Frankencottage” builds up to an energetic and full chorus which continues to the end.

If you like Middle Distance Runner, you may like Dark Mean.

“Frankencottage” by Dark Mean


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