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The Week’s Release: 1/16-1/22

This week was host to numerous music releases. Here’s a recap of a few, including albums by The Big Pink, Cate Le Bon, Howler, Kathleen Edwards, and Seeker Lover Keeper, as well as EPs by Halls and Herman Dune, complete with links to listen to some of the full albums. Enjoy!

Future This by The Big Pink

Electro-rock duo from London, England, The Big Pink, has been making upbeat and catchy tunes together since 2007. Consisting of Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell, the two have released five singles and two albums.  Their work has been remixed and sampled by various artists, including Gang Gang Dance and Nicki Minaj.

In their latest endeavor, Future This (released January 17th), The Big Pink once again gives us upbeat tracks featuring a mixture of heavy synth and layered vocals. This time around, the duo opted not to use electric guitar (it is only found on one track ,”Lose Your Mind”) and instead used synth and electronics to compose their album.

Future This has a number of great tunes, however it drags a bit at time. Overall is a good album; good, not great. With that being said, I’d give Future This a 7.5/10. There are some stellar tracks, but the entire album isn’t magnificent.

What the Critics Say: Metacritic gave Future This  a 57, indicating mixed/average reviews.

There is nothing particularly challenging about Future This, that’s also part of why it’s so enjoyableTuyet Nguyen of AV Club

“The Big Pink has put out an electro-rock album that does not exactly redefine the future of music like the album title may suggest, but it does redefine the Big Pink. “ – Laura Pulgarin of CMJ

“On the title track, frontman Robbie Furze finds love washing over him ”in a soft explosion.” Which isn’t a bad way to describe getting swept up in their massive pop hooks” – Melissa Maerz of Entertainment Weekly

“Stay Gold”

“Hit The Ground (Superman)”

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