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Five For Your Friday

With the weather outside a little gloomy, here’s 5 tracks to brighten your Friday, featuring tunes from A Little Nothing, NO, Dog & Panther, Cast Spells and SomethingALaMode. Enjoy!

A Little Nothing

The German trio, A Little Nothing, started back in 2010 as the solo project of Mike R. In order to be able to perform live, Mike enlisted the aid of musicians Jan F. and Phillip F., and thus, A little Nothing was born. The group released their first EP in 2011. A Little Nothing mixes acoustic strums,  hints of xylophone, and synth wonderfully in their track “The Start”.

“The Start”


Fronted by Bradley Hanan Carter, formerly of the New Zealand group Stereogram, NO formed in Echo Park a back in 2010 when Carter and bassist Sean Daniel Stentz got together. NO eventually gained three additional members, Joseph Sumner, Reese Richardson and Mike Walker, and released an EP in November of 2011. When asked about the name NO, the group responded that it is “a response to the limiting idea behind the word … an effort to reclaim it, and reinterpret it as more than just an antithesis to possibility.” Their first release, “Stay With Me”,emphasizes the rich voice of lead singer Bradley Cater and gives a sneak peak at the greatness of their new EP.

“Stay With Me”

Dog & Panther

Formed back in 2005 in Michigan, Dog & Panther consists of members John Katona, Ben Vrazo, and Ian Sigmo.  The group released its first EP, What Happened, in June of 2010 followed shortly by their Giant Hands EP in December of 2010. Falsetto vocals, various percussion and intermittently sprinkled whistling come together in this hauntingly beautiful track “Giant Hands”.

“Giant Hands”

Cast Spells

Cast Spells is the project of David Davison from the Chicago band, Maps & Atlases.  A mixture of acoustic, folk and pop, Cast Spells released his debut EP back in August of 2009. With a constant base line, subtle strings and xylophone, “Potted Plants” is an energetic tune with thought-provoking lyrics.

“Potted Plant”


Formed in 2006 in Dijon, France, SomethingALaMode, consists of  of violinist Thomas Roussel and Cellist Yannick Grandjean. The two studied classical music at the Conservatory of Dijon and found the common interest of electro music. Their track “Gstring” starts off with strings then morphs into electronica, creating a lovely mixture between classical and electronic.



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