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The Week’s Release: 1/30-2/5

It’s Sunday, and that means its time for a recap of the week’s new music releases, featuring new albums from The Big Sleep, Gotye, Lana Del Rey, and The 2 Bears, an EP by Lightning Love, and singles from Youthless, oOoOO, Jhameel, and Adventure Club.

Nature Experiments by The Big Sleep

Releasing their debut album back in 2006 followed by Sleep Forever in 2008,  Brooklyn based trio, The Big Sleep, came out of a four year hiding and released their junior album Nature Experiments on January 31. Members Danny Barria  and Sonya Balchandani were both involved with previous music groups, (Balchandani formerly of Hong Kong and Barria formerly of Haywood and Mahogany), before coming together along with drummer Gabe Rhodes back in 2005.

Nature Experiments is a polyphonic, polyrhythmic album, frequently building rich textures as the songs develop. Forming a foundation using quiet strings, the group layers pronounced bass, loud cymbal crashes, distorted guitars playing rock riffs and vocals that effortlessly weave through key changes. It was a delightfully unexpected album that I give 8/10.

What the Critics Say:

If the Big Sleep intended a record of 10 tracks designed explicitly to get listeners pumped, then the band can call these experiments a roaring success.” – Brandon Specktor of CMJ

The Big Sleep took a chance on Nature Experiments, testing out a variety of sounds and departing from the heavily instrumental feel of Sleep Forever. And, luckily, the experiment paid off” – Charlee Redman of mxdwn.com

The Big Sleep aren’t reinventing the wheel—and the more monotonous parts of the album fade into the background—but their use of dynamics and technical prowess makes Nature Experiments a success.” – Annie Zaleski of AltPress (4.5/5)

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