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The Week’s Release 2/6 – 2/12

New music releases featuring Air, Bahamas, Capybara, Dr. Dog and Silver Swans.Enjoy!

Le Voyage Dans La Lune by Air

Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel comprise, Air, a electronic duo from Versailles, France. Ever-creative, the group’s name stands for Amour, Imagination, Rêve (translating to Love, Imagination, Dream).  Forming in 1995, the two have released seven studio albums and have composed music for movies such as the Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation and Marie Antoinette.

Taking it’s title from the ground breaking film by Georges Méliès, Le Voyage Dans La Lune is heavily instrumental yet maintains the listener’s interest and intrigue because of the number of layers, phases and time signatures the duo employs.  Using guttural chants, major to minor chord leaps and whisper-like vocals switching between English and French, Air creates an eery ambiance for their seventh studio album.I give this album a 8/10.

What the Critics Say: Metacritic gave the album a score of 73, indicating generally favorable reviews.

“There are parts of the record that get back to the potential this band once possessed– a slight return to interlacing all the best parts of Moog demonstration records, hoary old prog moves, and extravagantly deluxe production techniques. But back then they made it seem so easy. Here, it feels like they’re trying too hard” – Nick Neyland of Pitchfork (5.7/10)

At just over a half-hour in length, the mostly instrumental Le Voyage dans la Lune is far too brief to overstay its welcome, and as a result, every second is impactful” – Ryan Reed of Paste Magazine (8/10)

La Voyage Dans La Lune is the ‘most Air’ thing this duo may ever craft, a perfect set with which to remind audiences of their continuing excellence.” – Ian Wade of BBC Music (8/10)

“Seven Stars”

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