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The Week’s Release: 2/20-2/26

Another edition of The Week’s Release, featuring albums by Bright Moments, fun., Jonquil and EPs by James Vincent McMorrow, Young Empires, and Young Liars.

Natives by Bright Moments

Despite the full band sound, Bright Moments is the solo project of Kelly Pratt. Prompted by a desire to work without restrictions and at his own pace, Bright Moment was hatched in his Brooklyn apartment during the winter of 2010. Pratt recorded the tracks by himself then later enlisted fellow musicians, from groups like Beirut and Spoon, to aid in production.  The name Kelly Pratt may sound foreign to you, but more than likely you’ve encountered the multi-instrumentalist who has lent his talents to groups such as Arcade Fire, Coldplay, LCD Soundsystem and Beirut.

Off beat handclaps, lovely vocals and rich horn harmonies, Natives is wonderful from start to finish. Boasting both outstanding musicianship and meaningful lyrics, Bright Moments has produced an album you can’t help but fall in love with: 9.6/10

What the Critics Say:

“His serene melody, electronic beats, and instrumental collision produce an addicting album that just can’t be turned off.” – Amy Johnson of WUOG 90.5

“If Pratt wants to have true success outside of his side gigs (much like Stetson has achieved), he’ll need to continue the work he’s begun by layering in various electronic elements. As far as LP #1 is concerned, it’s a good start.” – Chris Coplain of Consequence of Sound (3/5)

“Overall, Natives showcases Kelly Pratt’s growth as a musician and composer, his voracity for music (he did record the entire album in his own apartment) and his capability of excelling in several genres.”  – Erin Torrance of Talk Rock To Me



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One thought on “The Week’s Release: 2/20-2/26

  1. Robyn Johnson on said:

    its WUOG 90.5 🙂 U not a D. thankss!

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