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Five For Your Friday

The lastest edition of Five for Your Friday with tracks from Yosemite, Jay Jay Pistolet, You Won’tAbsofacto and Family of the Year. Enjoy!


Out of Northern-Wisconsin comes Yosemitea trio producing Frisbee folk jams for your listening pleasure. Made up of Kevin Gonring, Matt Schmitz, and Greg Umhoefer, the three draw their influences from Lord of the Rings and girls, Complete with amazing full harmonies and twangy guitar, “Tall Trees” is off their debut EP, YosemitEP, released in September 2011.

“Tall Trees”

Jay Jay Pistolet

From New Forest, Hampshire comes singer/songwriter Justin James Hayward-Young, aka Jay Jay Pistolet. Currently a member of the Vaccines (a British indie-rock group), Jay Jay Pistolet has supported acts like Noah and the Whale and Snow Club. While performing he plays solo or calls upon the aid of his backing band which features singer of Mumford and Sons, Marcus Mumford. Simple guitar and unaltered vocals add something special to this aching break-up song.

“Hooked Up On Us”

You Won’t

Coming together back in 1999 while involved in a high school play, Massachusetts natives Raky Sastri and Josh Arnoudse make up the indie-folk group You Won’t. Through the duo has known each other for quite some time, it wasn’t until 2008, while living in New York City, that they first began making music and performing shows together under the name Nohow On. In 2010 the pair secluded themselves in the woods in Littleton, MA, recorded an album and adopted the name You Won’t. While “Three Car Garage” starts off with a slightly bizarre intro, give the track a chance, you might fall in love with the energetic acoustic guitar and drum stick hits present throughout the track.

“Three Car Garage”


Solo project of songwriter and lead singer of Mason Proper, Absofacto’s sole member is Jonathan Visger. Utilizing electronics like synthesizers and drum machines to achieve his fun band sound, Visger has released three EPs, a LP and a handful of singles. Squeeze box sounds and bright guitar riffs mesh together in “Feathers (Don’t Change On Me)”.

“Feathers (Don’t Change On Me)”

Family of the Year

Starting back in 2009, indie group Family of the Year calls Los Angeles, California home. While some members have come and gone, the core members are made up of brothers Joseph and Sebastian Keefe, Christina Schroeter and Jamsey Buckey. Having released three EPS and an LP, the quartet are set to drop a full length album in 2012. Unison guitar and piano phrases, muted trumpet and handclaps are just a few of the highlights in “Chugjug”.



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