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The Week’s Release: 3/12-3/18

A handful of albums were released this past week, including albums from Delta Spirit, Said The Whale, Solander and Tribes and an EP from Paper Architect.

Delta Spirit by Delta Spirit

Starting back in 2005, Delta Spirit is an indie rock group out of San Diego.  Made up of Jon Jameson, Kelly Winrich, Will McLaren, Matthew Vasquez and Brandon Young, the group is known for their mixture of rock and soul as well as their use of unconventional instruments like trashcan lids.  Delta Spirit has released 2 EPs and 3 LPs, their latest was released last weeks and earned  the #1 spot on Heatseeker Albums list.

Much of the critiques regarding Delta Spirit’s third album revolves around the notion that the group hasn’t been innovative or taken risks with their latest release, and while this may be true, that doesn’t really effect the fact that the album as a whole is pretty decent. From the energetic driving rock songs like “Idaho” to the slower, more sentimental tunes like “Home”,  the album is nice listen. 7.5/10

What the Critics say:  

Delta Spirit delivers a handful of superb cuts that have the band taking a modest step forward. Still, Vasquez’s raspy, scathing voice and multi-instrumentalist Kelly Winrich’s nuanced, dense lyricism offer the promise of a greater leap to come.” – Henry Hauser of Beats Per Minute (70%)

Their third, self-titled, full-length finds the band unable to rise out of their own formulas.” – Jim Scott of Under The Radar (5/10)

There are some great songs to be found on the record, even for a stubborn folk-rock enthusiast. “Idaho” is a high-energy rocker that will surely become a staple of the band’s live set, and “Time Bomb” is a beautiful number about the infinite possibilities of the impending future.” – Wyndham Wyeth of Paste Magazine (7/10)

“Every House”


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