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The Week’s Release: 3/19-3/25

This past week witnessed the release of a number of albums… Here is a recap of a few, including new albums from Choir of Young Believers, Lost in the Trees, Tanlines and an EP from Daniel Rossen.

Rhine Gold by Choir of Young Believers

Orchestral/avant pop group Choir of Young Believers is the project of Jannis Noya Makrigiannis, a singer, guitarist and writer from Denmark. Winning “Best New Act” in 2009 at the Danish Music Awards, Choir of Young Believers is a combination of musicians Makrigiannis brought together following the breakup of his band, Lake Placid in 2006. Consisting of 7 members, the group has released two EPs and two studio albums.

Featuring steady high octave piano rhythms and thunder claps, Rhine Gold is one of those album that you like more and more with each listen. So much is packed into just eight songs, you find something new each time. Heavily reverbed guitar give the album a somewhat psychedelic feel, however just when you think you’ve figured them out Choir of Young Believers changers it on you and introduced acoustic guitar with what sounds like a swarm of stringed instruments. 7.75/10


“Patricia’s Thirst”

What the Critics Say:

“With this record, he and his choir may very well have found that desired breath of fresh air without abandoning the immensely solid groundwork of album #1.” – Chris Coplan of Consequence of Sound (3.5)

“Still, a band aiming for the sky will hit the roof on occasion, and overall Rhine Gold is an excellent outing for this Danish choir. Even as I conclude this review the album is still growing on me; while I do think there are some problems with it, by the end of the year I could come around and embrace it as one of 2012’s strongest offerings”  – Brice Ezell of PopMatters (7/10)

There’s ambition, surprise and innovation. It’s just that it feels like COYB go on autopilot at certain times, which detracts from the album as a whole.” – Andrew Kennedy of Drowned in Sound (6/10)

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