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The Week’s Release: 3/26-4/1

This week’s edition of The Week’s Release features Civil Twilight, Miike Snow, Oberhofer, Poor Moon and Races.

Holy Weather by Civil Twilight

Forming in 1996, Civil Twilight hails originally from Cape Town, South Africa but has since relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.  Composed of Richard Wouters and brothers Steven and Andrew McKellar, the trio started of rehearsing in garages and local churches.  Having their music featured in a variety of television shows such as Without a Trace, House and The Vampire Diaries, Civil Twilight has released two albums.

With a driving acoustic guitar phrases, choruses full of dark synth and OOOs and electronic beats, Holy Weather isn’t necessarily what people were expecting from Civil Twilight. While the electronic phrases don’t necessarily fit at times, the songs start to grow on you.  7.75/10

What the Critics Say:

Civil Twilight‘s latest release Holy Weather is a unique work to behold. Each of the tracks on the album are unique in their own special way.” –Tania of The Owl Mag

All of this dreariness and sappiness pulls down Holy Weather, making it only a small improvement from Civil Twilight, and not enough for me to increase the score from 6 to 7.” – Outside The Aggregator (6/7)

Despite the criticism, “Holy Weather” is taking Civil Twilight in the right direction and might be a stepping-stone to bigger things in the future.” – Michael Bragg of The Appalachian Online (2/4)

“It’s Over”

“Fire Escape”

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