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The Week’s Release: 4/2-4/8

This week was host to album releases by AUBear in Heaven, Of Monsters and Men, and Yppah. Enjoy!

Both Lights by AU

Started back in 2005 by Luke Wyland while attending Massachusetts College of Art, AU features a changing line-up of musicians from groups likes Parenthetical Girls, A Weather and Ah Holly Fam’ly.  Releasing four albums and two EPs under the name AU and one album under the name luc, Both Lights is the latest release from the experimental pop group.

AU merges an unlikely assortment of instruments such as banjo, muted horns and kick drum layered over relaxed vocals making the songs complex and captivating. With so much going on throughout the album you’ll find something new with each listen. From the musicianship to the ethereal vocals, it is hard not to get lost for a bit in Both Lights. 8.5/10

What the Critics Say:

As taxing as Wyland and AU have become in terms of what seems to be a clear case of musical ADD, Both Lights is a surprisingly breezy album to listen to completely. Clocking in at around forty minutes, the record packs so much literate complexity into the running time that it’s pointless to try and sift a cogent narrative from it. Instead, the best course of action is to simply listen and appreciate.” – Tyler Remmert of Popstache (3.5/5)

“Both Lights excels because it just barely excels. There’s a point in each track where it sounds as though everything might go terribly wrong, that moment of realizing a band is trying too many things for their good and sounding foolish in the process. But somehow AU manage to reign in their music just enough to make it exciting and suspenseful without being cheesy.” –  Erik Burg of Beats Per Minute (80%)

 “There is a tension here – the listener wonders whether we have been here before, and sometimes it is hard to see where AU are going, beyond the sheer assertion of technicality. Yet the palette is nothing short of interesting, making Both Lights both a complex and fascinating listen in equal measure.” – En Liang Khong of MusicOMH.com

“Get Alive”


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