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Five For Your Friday

This week’s Five For Your Friday brings you tune from Hoots & Hellmouth, Hey Marseilles!, The Barr Brothers, Yukon Blonde and Darwin Deez. Enjoy!

Hoots & Hellmouth

Formed in 2005, Hoots & Hellmouth bring us folk/rock tunes out of Philadelphia, PA. Originally starting out as a duo between Andrew Grey and Sean Hoots, the group now consists of Hoots, Rob Berliner, Todd Erik and Mike Reilly. Earning themselves an Independent Music Award for Best College Record Label Album for their debut release Hoots & Hellmouth (2007), the group has since released three more albums.

“You and All of Us”

Hey Marseilles!

Coming out of Seattle, Washington, Hey Marseilles! have been cranking out indie pop jams for the last six years. Composed of Matt Bishop, Colin Richey, Philip Kobernik, Nick Ward, Samuel Anderson, Jacob Anderson, and Patrick Brannon, Hey Marseilles! was founded by Ward and Bishop while they were attending the University of Washington.

“Hold the Morning”

The Barr Brothers

Coming together in 2006, The Barr Brothers is made up of brothers Brad and Andrew Barr, Sarah Page and Andrew Vial. Based out of Montreal, The Barr Brothers’ have performed on David Letterman and have also had their music in television shows such as Touch. Their debut self-titled album was released in 2011.

“Beggar in the Morning”

Yukon Blonde

Coming out of Kelowna, British Columbia, Yukon Blonde has been making music together since 2005. Originally starting out as a quintet under the name Alphababy, the group adopted the name Yukon Blonde in 2008. Currently composed of Graham Jones, Jefferey Innes, Brandon Scott and John Jeffrey, Yukon Blonde made their latest release this past March.

“Wind Blows”

Darwin Deez

Calling New York City home, Darwin Deez is an indie band that formed back in 2009. Named after the band’s frontman Darwin Smith aka Darwin Deez, the group gained popularity in the UK after their release of the single “Constellations”. The group released their debut self titled album in 2010.

“Radar Detector”


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