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Five For Your Friday

This week’s Five for Your Friday features tracks from Coconut Records, Crash Kings, Kids of 88, Lacrosse and YACHT. Enjoy!

Coconut Records

Beginning in 2006, Coconut Records is the name for a solo project started by Jason Schwartzman. With contributions from Kirsten Dunst, Zooey Deschanel and a handful of others,  Schwartzmann has released two albums under the moniker Coconut Records.

“The Summer”

Crash Kings

Another gem forming back in ’06 is the Los Angeles based rock group Crash Kings. Made up of Antonio Beliveau, Mike Beliveau and Jason Morris, the trio released their self titled debut in 2009. Gaining popularity from their single “Mountain Man” being played on the radio, Crash Kings have an upcoming album set to release in 2012.

“14 Arms”


Coming out of Stockholm, Lacrosse formed back in 2005. Made up of Nina Waha, Kristian Dahl, Henrik Johansson, Rickard Sjoberg, Robert Arlinder and Tobias Henriksson, the group released their first single in 2007. Since releasing their first single Lacrosse has released two LPs.

Kids of 88

Formed back in 2008 Kids of 88 are based out of Auckland City, New Zealand. Made up of Jordan Arts and Sam McCarthy, the two were long time best friends before first entering into their first music pursuit together while attending St. Peter’s College. Stating their influences as  “groove, mood, and slutty arrangements. 16th hi hats and hand claps. Culture and couture, Gangster and glamour” they have released two LPs and and EP.

“Everybody Knows”


Forming back in 2002, YACHT takes their name from an alternative school in Portland where Jona Bechtolt was enrolled. Made up of Bechtolt, Claire Evans, Katy Davidson, Jeffrey Brodsky and Rob Kieswetter YACHT have released 5 studio albums.



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