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Five For Your Friday

Here’s five random songs for your listening pleasure… featuring tracks by Little Red, Dead Man’s Bones, Generationals, Buried Beds, and Indian Trails. Enjoy!

Little Red

Out of Melbourne, Australia Little Red is a five piece pop/rock band that started back in ’05. In 2008 the group won the Australia-wide music competition ‘Garage to V’. Having toured with acts such as Vampire Weekend and Spoon, the quintet is comprised of Adrian Beltrame, Quang Dinh, Tom Hartney, Dominic Bryne, and Taka Honda. “Slow Motion” is off their sophomore album Midnight Remember.

“Slow Motion”

Dead Man’s Bones

Aside from being a heart-throb to women across the globe, Ryan Gosling makes up one half of the group Dead Man’s Bones. Alongside Zach Shields, the duo met back in ’05 but it wasn’t until 2009 that the two release their self titled debut. Performing under the alias “Baby Goose” Gosling and Shields recorded Dead Man’s Bones with the assistance of Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir.

“My Body’s A Zombie For You”


Forming in 2008, Generationals is an indie-rock group out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Composed of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, the duo were originally members of the group The Earnes Era and founded Generationals following the break-up of their previous band. Releasing their debut album in 2009, the pair have released two albums and an EP.


Buried Beds

Originally starting in 2004 as a duo between Eliza Jones and Brandon Beaver, Buried Beds eventually grew into a group effort when the pair were joined by Thomas Bendel, Tom Mallon and Hallie Sianni in 2004. Somewhere down the road, Mallon left the group to take on his new job as a father and Buried Bed gained Dave Harley.

“Breadcrumb Trails”

Indian Trails

Based in Lahti, Finland, Indian Trails is a indie quintet made up of Jouni Mathias, Nico Henry, Leo Richard,  Joel Aleksi and Antti Mikael. Releasing their single “Lights” in 2011, the group says they draw influence from summer nights and 80’s music. With the this song’s undeniably catchy rhythm, it will be hard to keep your feet still.



The Week’s Release: 4/9-4/15

This week was host to releases from Alabama Shakes, Dinosaur Feathers, M. Ward and The Lumineers.

Boys & Girls by Alabama Shakes

As the name suggests, Alabama Shakes hail from Alabama, Athens, AL to be specific. Consisting of Brittany Howard, Heath Fogg, Steve Johnson, Zac Cockrell, the quartet plays a combination of southern rock, soul and blues.  Forming back in 2009, the group began after Howard began meeting and writing songs with Cockrell in high school after class.  Boys & Girls is the groups first studio album.

With a set of pipes that words can’t describe one of Alabama Shakes’ greatest strengths is definitely Howard’s incredible vocals. Her vocal stylings fit perfectly with the classic blues rhythms that dominate Boys & Girls’ tracks. Bringing new life to the blues/rock hybrid, Alabama Shakes definitely succeeded with their recent release. 8.5/10

What the Critics Say:

“From here on out, it’s safe to assume they’re not just a bunch of wet-behind-the-ears rookies and are, quite possibly, the new faces of modern blues-rock.” – Chris Coplan of Consequence of Sound (3.5/5)

“Boys And Girls is a wild album, an honest collection visibly drenched in blood, sweat and tears. It’s more emotion than revival, more soul than renewal. In this way, Alabama Shakes produced something entirely their own, a fierce, daringly revealing diary of sorts.” – Denise Iu of Pretty Much Amazing

“Hold On”

“I Found You”

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The Week’s Release: 4/2-4/8

This week was host to album releases by AUBear in Heaven, Of Monsters and Men, and Yppah. Enjoy!

Both Lights by AU

Started back in 2005 by Luke Wyland while attending Massachusetts College of Art, AU features a changing line-up of musicians from groups likes Parenthetical Girls, A Weather and Ah Holly Fam’ly.  Releasing four albums and two EPs under the name AU and one album under the name luc, Both Lights is the latest release from the experimental pop group.

AU merges an unlikely assortment of instruments such as banjo, muted horns and kick drum layered over relaxed vocals making the songs complex and captivating. With so much going on throughout the album you’ll find something new with each listen. From the musicianship to the ethereal vocals, it is hard not to get lost for a bit in Both Lights. 8.5/10

What the Critics Say:

As taxing as Wyland and AU have become in terms of what seems to be a clear case of musical ADD, Both Lights is a surprisingly breezy album to listen to completely. Clocking in at around forty minutes, the record packs so much literate complexity into the running time that it’s pointless to try and sift a cogent narrative from it. Instead, the best course of action is to simply listen and appreciate.” – Tyler Remmert of Popstache (3.5/5)

“Both Lights excels because it just barely excels. There’s a point in each track where it sounds as though everything might go terribly wrong, that moment of realizing a band is trying too many things for their good and sounding foolish in the process. But somehow AU manage to reign in their music just enough to make it exciting and suspenseful without being cheesy.” –  Erik Burg of Beats Per Minute (80%)

 “There is a tension here – the listener wonders whether we have been here before, and sometimes it is hard to see where AU are going, beyond the sheer assertion of technicality. Yet the palette is nothing short of interesting, making Both Lights both a complex and fascinating listen in equal measure.” – En Liang Khong of MusicOMH.com

“Get Alive”


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Five For Your Friday

This week’s Five for Your Friday features songs with an underlying theme… let’s see if you can guess (really, it should be obvious). Featuring tracks from Robert Guion Lowery, These United States, tUnE-YaRdS, Blizten Trapper and Bear Hands. Enjoy!

Robert Guion Lowery

Robert Guion Lowery is a local musician in Louisville, KY. Formerly a guitarist and bassist for the group Zgowonto Lizards, Lowery is now the vocalist of Demise of the King in addition to being the guitarist for Rusty Old Crows. Surprisingly recorded entirely on an iPhone, his cover of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” off his upcoming release …is a Real Girl.

“Criminal (cover)”

These United States

Made up of Jesse Elliott, Justin Craig, Aaron Latos, Anna Morsett and J. Tom Hnatow, These United States released their first album back in 2008. Recording in various locations (Elgin, IL, Iowa City, IA, Lexington, KY, just to name a few) the group has released 4 albums and is set to put out their fifth in June of this year. “Honor Amongst Thieves” is off their 2008 release Crimes.

“Honor Amongst Theives”


Merrill Garbus is the mastermind behind Lo-Fi/experimental group tUnE-YaRdS. Originiating in Conneticut, Garbus composes music through the use of layering and an assist from bassist Nate Brenner. Started back in ’06, tUnE-YaRdS has released two albums and three EPs.  “Gangsta” is off the 2011 release w h o k I l l.


Blitzen Trapper

Starting back in 2000, Blitzen Trapper is a seasoned experimental folk group from Porland, Oregon. Made up of Eric Earley, Erik Menteer, Brian Adrian Koch, Marty Manquis and Michael VanPelt, the quintet has released six studio albums and two EPs. “Black River Killer” is off their 2008 album Furr.

“Black River Killer”

Bear Hands

Having opened for the likes of MGMT, Les Savy Fav and Vampire Weekend Bear Hands is an experimental/indie rock outfit out of Brooklyn New York. Forming back in ’06, the group is made up of Dylan Rau, TJ Orscher, Ted Feldman and Val Loper. The quartet has released two EPs and one studio album, “Crime Pays” is off their 2010 release Burning Bush Supper Club

“Crime Pays”

Interview with Jeff Beam

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing a hidden treasure from Portland, Maine, who was kind enough to share his Thursday afternoon with me and give me some insight on what makes Jeff Beam tick.

P&W:  Well, first off, congrats on the new album and upcoming tour, this has got to be an exciting time for you.

Jeff:  Thank you. Yes, it’s very exciting and busy. Lots of 3am bedtimes, lately, but it’s all worth it. I feel like it’s going to go by quickly, one big blur.

P&W:  I can only imagine… So, how did you end up performing psych-rock? Was it a genre you grew up listening to?

Jeff:  Yeah, I vividly remember listening to The Beatles on cassette when I was about 2 or 3, riding around in my dad’s truck. From there it was Jimi Hendrix when I was 10 or 11, and from there it was Olivia Tremor Control when I was 16, and from there it’s been Deerhunter & Herbcraft & MMOSS. I just love the philosophy & motive behind psychedelic music. It’s almost always aimed at broadening one’s perspective.

P&W:  Very eloquently put.

You mentioned listening to cassettes back in the day, is that one of the reasons you decided to release Be Your Own Mirror on cassette in addition to CD? Do you prefer to listen to music via a certain medium i.e vinyl, cd, mp3 etc?

Jeff:  The idea to release it on cassette happened pretty late in the game, just a few weeks ago. It was a quick decision and I just plowed into it and started painting tapes. I guess I did it because a lot of folks my age still have cars with tape decks & no CD player.

Vinyl is definitely my preferred way of listening to music. The sound is much more dynamic & alive. I wish I could put out Be Your Own Mirror on vinyl, but it’s a bit costly these days. I suppose cassette is the next best option; it’s still analog, it’s portable, and it’s pretty easy to make.

P&W:  Oh for sure, vinyl is definitely lovely, but releasing a new album on cassette kind of gives you, for lack of a better term, a “badass” status. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to bring cassettes back into popularity.

Jeff:  Hahaha There is definitely a small cassette culture. I’d like to see it grow. Of Montreal recently re-released their entire catalog on cassette.

P&W:  Hm, I did not know that hah. Learn something new every day.

So, you recorded this album in a bunch of different locations, mostly in the North East but also randomly in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. How did you end up there?

Jeff:  My girlfriend & I went there to a meditation retreat with some of her friends. They’re from the Chicago area, but she met them in India. We went out there for a weekend in December, and our friend Molly was there. I made her bring her cello up from Chicago, and we tracked it in a gazebo on the beach of Lake Michigan. It was like 13 degrees outside, and only slightly warmer than that in the gazebo.

P&W:  Oh gosh. Yeah it tends to get a tad chilly up there during the winter…

You actually gave me the perfect segue for my next question. There are a lot of different sounds/instruments and guest musicians throughout the album, how do you think Be Your Own Mirror will translate live? Also, what do you think will be the biggest challenge?

Jeff: Well. My band & I are playing the whole album in order tomorrow night at the CD release show. It’ll be interesting, for sure. A lot of it sounds the same, but there are plenty of differences. The last song, “Destroy All Solutions”, won’t be on piano for the live version. I’d say the whole thing sounds more muscular live, definitely a bit more raw. The layers are still there, but it’s being pumped out by live people. And for the most part, they’re playing instruments & parts that I played on the record, so it’ll inherently sound a little different.

But I like the idea that the record & the live version won’t be exactly the same. Any band can get together in a room and lay down their sound, but if I’m playing all the instruments in the studio, I’m creating a unique document that absolutely cannot be replicated in live form without cloning myself. It makes the album a little more special in a time where “the album” might not be as celebrated as it once was.

P&W:  You are giving me some very philosophical answers… I love it.

Jeff: Haha, that’s where my mind is at these days.

P&W:  Speaking of live shows, you’re about to kick off a tour. One of the show’s you’re playing is actually with your friends’ group You Won’t! How did you all come to be acquainted?

Jeff: You Won’t! I met those guys in Boston, where they live. I play bass in another band, The Milkman’s Union, and we were on the same bill together back in September. They’re super nice guys, and it looks like they’re starting to blow up a bit. They’ll be playing the Portsmouth NH show of the tour.

P&W:  Music just brings people together… as cliché as that sounds haha

Jeff: Haha, music is the best unifier & friend-maker.

P&W:  For my last question I was going to ask the quintessential “who influences you”, except you’ve given me such well said answers that I’ve decided to tweak it instead. Who would you like to influence your music?

Jeff: Who would I like to influence my music, very interesting question.

P&W:  I know, curve ball!

Jeff: I’d like to be more influenced by classical composers, like Stravinsky. I like the idea that there was a time in recent history when popular music was incredibly complex and didn’t have verse-chorus-verse structure.  I’d also like to take a page from performers like Lady Lamb the Beekeeper & Jacob Augustine; both are individual performers who have the ability to captivate the audience. I don’t think I have that ability, I feel like I need a lot of different parts all coming together for my music to have its full impact. But to be able to absolutely captivate a room like they both do, with just their voice & a guitar, that’s the real deal.

P&W:  Well, I could talk music with you all afternoon, but I’m going to give you a break. Thank you very much for speaking with me. Good luck with the release tomorrow!


Be sure to check out Jeff Beam’s new album Be Your Own Mirror out Friday, April 6th.

Interview with Eva on the Western Castle Island

Recently I got an email from a Finnish group called Eva on the Western Castle Island wishing to share some tunes. After listening to their music I was surprised by their sound, definitely not what I had expected to hear from a band out of Helsinki. Intrigued, I asked Eva on the Western Castle Island if they wanted to do an interview, they agreed, and after a few emails back and forth the end result is the conversation below.

Portraits & Walls: How did Eva on the Western Castle Island come to be?

Eva on the Western Castle Island: Ilkka, Eero and Martin have been playing together almost eight years (wow that’s a long time! :D). We met in High School and formed and Band called Mulletproof. We played some kind of progressive rock mixed with some metal elements and pop melodies. It was quite weird and in the end no one really understood our music. That band lasted till the winter 2011 when we decided that wasn’t something we wanted to do anymore. Some members left the band but the three of us wanted still play together. We weren’t really sure what kind of music we wanted to play but one thing was clear; We wanted to play music that is based on good catchy melodies, fresh sounds and not as melancholic as the music you normally hear in Finland. Ilkka started to compose some new songs, but somehow it still didn’t feel right.  One day we started jamming a rough version of Shooting Stars & Satellites when Martin got inspiration about how to arrange the song and how it should sound. That song was sort of the kick off for Eva on the Western Castle Island.

We felt really good about our new direction but we were still missing a good singer with some personality. In the spring 2011 we found Eva through an ad she had posted on an internet music forum. She seemed really interesting with her Malaysian background and her sound was also really different from all the other singers in Finland. Luckily Eva liked also our melodies and the happy vibe in our music.

P&W: You mentioned that Eva grew up in Malaysia where she was also a professional singer, how did she end up in Finland?

Eva: At the age of 19, I realized that the type of singing career in Malaysia wasn’t really what I dreamed of. Instead of having the talent of singing, being young and nice looking were actually the elements they were looking in singers, and I knew that it would be only temporary. So I needed a change. I wanted to get out of that small bubble and seek for new challenges. Fortunately my sister lives in Finland. With her encouragement, I came to Finland to pursue higher education. Simultaneously I managed to develop my vocal technique with a good coach and now things are rolling quite nicely!

P&W: Your music is definitely unique in its genre mixing and Asian influence, not something that would typically come to mind when think of music from Finland, How did you end up settling on your current sound?

EotWCI: Well it all sort of just came together when Eva joined the band. We thought that it would be really cool to sing also in Chinese because after all Chinese is her mother tongue. It fitted our music really well too and so we decided to make it a permanent part of our music. Eva’s way of singing and also her phrasing is really Asian-like.

P&W: One of the things I’m always curious about is what bands draw influence from, so, what do you guys as a band draw influences from and what do you think has the most impact on Eva on the Western Castle Island as a whole (or individually)?

EotWCI: All of us have sort of a different tastes in music but there are also a lot of bands we all like. Currently you might hear influences from bands like Surfer Blood, Deerhoof, Rubik, Magenta Skycode, The Stone Roses, Mew, Real Estate, Wild Nothing, Woods and The Naked and Famous to name some.

P&W: Whats the significance to the name Eva on the Western Castle Island?

EotWCI: Western Castle Island comes actually from our surnames. Eero’s surname is vesterinen which stands for Western, Martin’s surname is Linnankoski (linna = castle) and Ilkka’s surname is Saarinen (saari = island). And well yeah, Eva is our singer 😀

P&W: Your lyrics are predominantly in English, despite being a group from Finland with a singer from Malaysia. Why is that?

EotWCI: Eva’s mother tongue is Chinese so Finnish wouldn’t really work… We can’t also do music only in Chinese so English is a quite natural solution for us.

P&W: It’s definitely crazy how a band from Helsinki and a music blogger from Louisville, Kentucky can connect via the internet. How do you think growing technology and what not has changed music? How do you all feel about it?

EotWCI: Yeah, it’s definitely crazy! All in all it has made the world so much smaller, which has its good and bad sides. For the music business it has made a lot of things easier and especially for bands like us. 15 years ago it was still really difficult for Finnish bands to get any attention abroad but nowadays there are a lot of bands that are more popular abroad than in Finland. Our kind of music is (at least now) quite marginal and for us it would be quite difficult to make a real breakthrough over here. In Finland the music scene is still pretty much about Finnish “schlager” and pop. There are a few bands that are sort of in the same genre with us and they are doing quite fine here as well, but still, it’s nothing compared to the “schlager” artists. Through the internet we have the possibility to find our audience wherever they are and we don’t have to be completely dependent of the Finnish music industry.

P&W:You all are still a relatively young group, having formed in the spring of 2011, what are your goals for the future? What do you wish to accomplish as a band?

EotWCI: Yeah, it all just started! We are really happy about the attention we have gotten already and we are working hard to make this thing really happen. Currently our plan is to make brilliant songs and to do as much gigs as possible. We are also planning a little tour in Malaysia next year. Let’s see if we can make there. Hopefully people keep on liking us and the word keeps on spreading. We hope to get some gigs also in Central Europe and to release an album in the near future. It would be also really cool to play one day some gigs in the US too. As a band, we wish to accomplish the same thing as probably all the other bands in the world. To make our mark on the history of music!

Check out some of Eva on the Western Castle Island’s tunes!


“Shooting Stars & Satellites”


The Week’s Release: 3/26-4/1

This week’s edition of The Week’s Release features Civil Twilight, Miike Snow, Oberhofer, Poor Moon and Races.

Holy Weather by Civil Twilight

Forming in 1996, Civil Twilight hails originally from Cape Town, South Africa but has since relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.  Composed of Richard Wouters and brothers Steven and Andrew McKellar, the trio started of rehearsing in garages and local churches.  Having their music featured in a variety of television shows such as Without a Trace, House and The Vampire Diaries, Civil Twilight has released two albums.

With a driving acoustic guitar phrases, choruses full of dark synth and OOOs and electronic beats, Holy Weather isn’t necessarily what people were expecting from Civil Twilight. While the electronic phrases don’t necessarily fit at times, the songs start to grow on you.  7.75/10

What the Critics Say:

Civil Twilight‘s latest release Holy Weather is a unique work to behold. Each of the tracks on the album are unique in their own special way.” –Tania of The Owl Mag

All of this dreariness and sappiness pulls down Holy Weather, making it only a small improvement from Civil Twilight, and not enough for me to increase the score from 6 to 7.” – Outside The Aggregator (6/7)

Despite the criticism, “Holy Weather” is taking Civil Twilight in the right direction and might be a stepping-stone to bigger things in the future.” – Michael Bragg of The Appalachian Online (2/4)

“It’s Over”

“Fire Escape”

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Five For Your Friday

This week’s edition of Five For Your Friday features tracks from Kishi Bashi, Cymbals Eat Guitar, Quiet Company, The Jealous Sound, and The Dirty Dishes. Enjoy!

Kishi Bashi

Founding member of Jupiter One, Kishi Bashi is the self-produced and recorded project of multi-instrumentalist K Ishibashi. His solo endeavor started in 2011 with the release of his debut EP Room For Dream.  Previously touring with Regina Spektor, Ishibashi is currently touring with of Montreal.

Cymbals Eat Guitar

Founded in 2008, Cymbals Eat Guitar released their debut album just one year later. Made up of Joseph D’Agostino, Matthew Miller, Matt Whipple and Brian Hamilton, Miller and D’Agnostino began making music together back in high school.  Taking their name from a Lou Reed quote, the group currently calls New York home

“…And the Hazy Sea”

Quiet Company

Coming out of Austin, Texas, Quiet Company has been making music together since 2000. Holding the title of first band signed by Grooveshark, the group has released four albums. Having toured with the likes of What Made Milwaukee Famous and Dear * The Headlights, Quiet Company is comprised of Taylor Muse, Thomas Blank, Jeff Weathers and Matt Parmenter.

“You, Me & The Boatman (Truth Is, I’ve been Thirsty All My Life”

The Jealous Sound

Forming in 2000 from the members of various 90’s bands including Knapsack and Sunday’s Best The Jealous Sound is currently composed of Blair Shehan, Bob Penn, Nate Mendel and Pedro Benitio. Releasing  their latest album at the beginning of this year, The Jealous Sound has released two EP and two LPs.

The Dirty Dishes

Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, The Dirty Dishes is a rock outfit that combines elements of various genres, like psychedelic and grunge, to produce sounds that have landed them on the lists of “Bands to Watch in 2012” for many.


The Week’s Release: 3/19-3/25

This past week witnessed the release of a number of albums… Here is a recap of a few, including new albums from Choir of Young Believers, Lost in the Trees, Tanlines and an EP from Daniel Rossen.

Rhine Gold by Choir of Young Believers

Orchestral/avant pop group Choir of Young Believers is the project of Jannis Noya Makrigiannis, a singer, guitarist and writer from Denmark. Winning “Best New Act” in 2009 at the Danish Music Awards, Choir of Young Believers is a combination of musicians Makrigiannis brought together following the breakup of his band, Lake Placid in 2006. Consisting of 7 members, the group has released two EPs and two studio albums.

Featuring steady high octave piano rhythms and thunder claps, Rhine Gold is one of those album that you like more and more with each listen. So much is packed into just eight songs, you find something new each time. Heavily reverbed guitar give the album a somewhat psychedelic feel, however just when you think you’ve figured them out Choir of Young Believers changers it on you and introduced acoustic guitar with what sounds like a swarm of stringed instruments. 7.75/10


“Patricia’s Thirst”

What the Critics Say:

“With this record, he and his choir may very well have found that desired breath of fresh air without abandoning the immensely solid groundwork of album #1.” – Chris Coplan of Consequence of Sound (3.5)

“Still, a band aiming for the sky will hit the roof on occasion, and overall Rhine Gold is an excellent outing for this Danish choir. Even as I conclude this review the album is still growing on me; while I do think there are some problems with it, by the end of the year I could come around and embrace it as one of 2012’s strongest offerings”  – Brice Ezell of PopMatters (7/10)

There’s ambition, surprise and innovation. It’s just that it feels like COYB go on autopilot at certain times, which detracts from the album as a whole.” – Andrew Kennedy of Drowned in Sound (6/10)

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Five For Your Friday

An eclectic mix this time around, featuring tracks from Capital Cities, Retribution Gospel Choir, Trombone Shorty, White Lies and Movits! Enjoy!

Capital Cities

Electro Pop/Rock Dance duo Capital Cities, is made up of Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian. The two connected via craigslist in 2008 when Merchant was searching for a collaborator and found Simonian. In 2011 they released their debut EP and their hit single “Safe and Sound” landed a #2 spot on Hype Machine.  With an infectious beat and horn fanfare, its difficult not to dance to this track.

“Safe And Sound”

Retribution Gospel Choir

Indie rock group Retribution Gospel Choir   is a trio out of Duluth, Minnesota. Comprised of Alan Sparhawk, Steven Garrington and Eric Pollard, both Sparhawk and Garrington are members of the band Low. Having released two studio albums Retribution Gospel Choir is known for being loud and energetic and their track “Hide It Away” is just that.

“Hide It Away”

Trombone Shorty

Troy Andrews aka Trombone Shorty has been playing the trombone since 6 years old. Having attended the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, Andrews has quite the impressive resume: featured member of Lenny Kravitz’s horn section, played alongside U2 and Green Day, held the #1 spot on Billboard’s contemporary jazz chart for 9 weeks and much more. Andrews has released 8 studio albums and 4 live albums.  Mixing an incredible horn section with distorted guitar and constant bass line,”Hurricane Season” is off his 2010 album Backatown.

“Hurricane Season”

White Lies

Forming in 2007, White Lies is an indie rock outfit from Ealing, London. With the line up including Harry McVeigh, Charles Cave and Jack Lawrence-Brown, the group has been playing together since their early teen years under the name Fear of Flying, however in 2007, the trio decided that they needed a new name to fit their new sound, and thus White Lies came to be. With an irresistible foot tapping beat, synthesizer, and subtly echoed vocals “Death” is full of life (ha ha, but really).



Playing a unique combination of swing, jazz and hip-hop, Movits! is a Swedish group that formed in 2007. Based in Luleå. Sweden, the group consists of Johan Rensfeldt, Anders Rensfeldt and Joakim Nilsson. Gaining popularity in the US in 2009 after being featured on The Colbert Report, the trio has released two album.  “Äppelknyckarjazz ” (literally translated as apple swiper jazz or scrumping jazz) is off their 2008 album of the same name.


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