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Five For Your Friday

This week’s Five for Your Friday features songs with an underlying theme… let’s see if you can guess (really, it should be obvious). Featuring tracks from Robert Guion Lowery, These United States, tUnE-YaRdS, Blizten Trapper and Bear Hands. Enjoy!

Robert Guion Lowery

Robert Guion Lowery is a local musician in Louisville, KY. Formerly a guitarist and bassist for the group Zgowonto Lizards, Lowery is now the vocalist of Demise of the King in addition to being the guitarist for Rusty Old Crows. Surprisingly recorded entirely on an iPhone, his cover of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” off his upcoming release …is a Real Girl.

“Criminal (cover)”

These United States

Made up of Jesse Elliott, Justin Craig, Aaron Latos, Anna Morsett and J. Tom Hnatow, These United States released their first album back in 2008. Recording in various locations (Elgin, IL, Iowa City, IA, Lexington, KY, just to name a few) the group has released 4 albums and is set to put out their fifth in June of this year. “Honor Amongst Thieves” is off their 2008 release Crimes.

“Honor Amongst Theives”


Merrill Garbus is the mastermind behind Lo-Fi/experimental group tUnE-YaRdS. Originiating in Conneticut, Garbus composes music through the use of layering and an assist from bassist Nate Brenner. Started back in ’06, tUnE-YaRdS has released two albums and three EPs.  “Gangsta” is off the 2011 release w h o k I l l.


Blitzen Trapper

Starting back in 2000, Blitzen Trapper is a seasoned experimental folk group from Porland, Oregon. Made up of Eric Earley, Erik Menteer, Brian Adrian Koch, Marty Manquis and Michael VanPelt, the quintet has released six studio albums and two EPs. “Black River Killer” is off their 2008 album Furr.

“Black River Killer”

Bear Hands

Having opened for the likes of MGMT, Les Savy Fav and Vampire Weekend Bear Hands is an experimental/indie rock outfit out of Brooklyn New York. Forming back in ’06, the group is made up of Dylan Rau, TJ Orscher, Ted Feldman and Val Loper. The quartet has released two EPs and one studio album, “Crime Pays” is off their 2010 release Burning Bush Supper Club

“Crime Pays”


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