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Five For Your Friday

Some jams for your weekend featuring STRFKR, Telekinesis, Reptar, Spinnerette and Free Energy. Enjoy!


Emering in 2006, Starkfucker (aka STRFKR) arose from Portland, Oregon as the solo project of Josh Hodges. Later joined by Shawn Glassford and Keil Corcoran, the group has released two album, Starfucker and Reptilians,  and one EP, Jupiter. Florida features a repeating guitar phrase, soft vocals and spoken snippets.



“Coast of Carolina”

Out of Seattle, Washington comes Telekinesis, the solo project of indie artist Michael Benjamin Lerner, however while touring Lerner is joined by Jason Narducy and Cody Cototato. Lent a hand by Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie, Telekinesis released its debut, self-titled album in April of 2009. Starting with just acoustic and vocals, don’t be too quick to judge this energetic song.


Straight from Athens, Georgia, Reptar, is on a whole different level. Comprised of Graham Patrick Ulicny, William Kennedy, Ryan Engelberger and Andrew McFarland, the group asks its listeners questions like “want to feel that good kind of nasty and evoke the green pastures of some crazy reality?” then invites them to join them on their journey. This heavily electronic track might just be your new weekend anthem.

“Stuck My Id”


Starting in 2007 as semi-solo project of Brody Dalle (singer/guitarist for The Distillers) Spinnerette has a star studded backing group currently comprised of Tony Bevilacqua of the Distillers, Alain Johannes of Queens of the Stone Age and Jack Irons of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam, With powerful female vocals, relentless steady drums and guitar and catchy chorus, “Baptized By Fire” is sure to get stuck in your head.

Free Energy

Formed back in 2007, Free Energy is a Philadelphia, PA indie rock group. Rising from the ashes of previous group Hockey Night, Scott Wells, Evan Wells and Paul Sprangers are joined by Nick Shuminsky to prodice melodic and energetic tunes.

“Free Energy”


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