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Five For Your Friday

It’s that time again… This week’s Five For Your Friday features tracks from A.A. Bondy, Cloud Cult, The Coral, Sea Wolf and Fanfarlo. Enjoy!

A.A. Bondy

Formerly of grunge group, Verbena, Scott Bondy is now the front man and sole member of A.A. Bondy. Short for August Arthur Bondy, A.A. Bondy came into existence in 2003 after Verbena disbanded and Bondy took refuge in upstate New York and recorded “stripped-down indie folk”. Mixing and recording his debut album in a barn, Bondy has released three albums. “I Can See the Pines” , full of acoustic guitar and subtle harmonies, is from his 2009 album, When The Devil’s Loose.

“I Can See the Pines”

Cloud Cult

Minneapolis, Minnesota experimental indie group Cloud Cult  began in 1995 as the solo project of Craig Minowa. Producing fantastic music and protecting the environment while doing so, Cloud Cult release their albums via a self-created non-profit record label that utilizes the most environmentally friendly means available.  With strings, moving acoustic phrases and raw vocals, “Journey of the Featherless” is from the album Feel Good Ghosts.

“Journey of the Featherless”

The Coral

Forming more than a decade ago in 1996, The Coral are an indie group from Holylake, England. Mixing psychedelic, indie rock, old school country and folk rock, The Coral create an interesting and unique sound. Simple acoustic strums and synthesizer come together and make you want to move in “In the Morning”.

“In The Morning”

Sea Wolf

Led by Alex Brown Church, Sea Wolf began back in 2003. Sea Wolf came to be when Church wrote songs that didn’t fit the genre of his other band Irving, so he start performing them as Sea Wolf accompanied by various backing musicians. Sea Wolf has released an EP and two LPs, “Dew In The Grass” is off the 2009 album White Water, White Bloom.

“Dew In The Grass”


Indie-folk group Fanfarlo was formed back in 2006 by Simon Balthazar and Giles Davis, however, Davis left the group before they released any music. Currently based in London, Fanfarlo takes it’s name from a Charles Baudelaire novel and is comprised of Amos Memon, Cathy Lucas, Simon Balthazar, Leon Beckenham and Justin Finch. Featuring crescendos ending in cymbal rolls, faint synthesizer and tempo changes, “Luna” is bound to get stuck in your head.



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