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Five For Your Friday

This week’s edition of Five For Your Friday features tracks from Kishi Bashi, Cymbals Eat Guitar, Quiet Company, The Jealous Sound, and The Dirty Dishes. Enjoy!

Kishi Bashi

Founding member of Jupiter One, Kishi Bashi is the self-produced and recorded project of multi-instrumentalist K Ishibashi. His solo endeavor started in 2011 with the release of his debut EP Room For Dream.  Previously touring with Regina Spektor, Ishibashi is currently touring with of Montreal.

Cymbals Eat Guitar

Founded in 2008, Cymbals Eat Guitar released their debut album just one year later. Made up of Joseph D’Agostino, Matthew Miller, Matt Whipple and Brian Hamilton, Miller and D’Agnostino began making music together back in high school.  Taking their name from a Lou Reed quote, the group currently calls New York home

“…And the Hazy Sea”

Quiet Company

Coming out of Austin, Texas, Quiet Company has been making music together since 2000. Holding the title of first band signed by Grooveshark, the group has released four albums. Having toured with the likes of What Made Milwaukee Famous and Dear * The Headlights, Quiet Company is comprised of Taylor Muse, Thomas Blank, Jeff Weathers and Matt Parmenter.

“You, Me & The Boatman (Truth Is, I’ve been Thirsty All My Life”

The Jealous Sound

Forming in 2000 from the members of various 90’s bands including Knapsack and Sunday’s Best The Jealous Sound is currently composed of Blair Shehan, Bob Penn, Nate Mendel and Pedro Benitio. Releasing  their latest album at the beginning of this year, The Jealous Sound has released two EP and two LPs.

The Dirty Dishes

Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, The Dirty Dishes is a rock outfit that combines elements of various genres, like psychedelic and grunge, to produce sounds that have landed them on the lists of “Bands to Watch in 2012” for many.



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