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Five For Your Friday

Here’s five random songs for your listening pleasure… featuring tracks by Little Red, Dead Man’s Bones, Generationals, Buried Beds, and Indian Trails. Enjoy!

Little Red

Out of Melbourne, Australia Little Red is a five piece pop/rock band that started back in ’05. In 2008 the group won the Australia-wide music competition ‘Garage to V’. Having toured with acts such as Vampire Weekend and Spoon, the quintet is comprised of Adrian Beltrame, Quang Dinh, Tom Hartney, Dominic Bryne, and Taka Honda. “Slow Motion” is off their sophomore album Midnight Remember.

“Slow Motion”

Dead Man’s Bones

Aside from being a heart-throb to women across the globe, Ryan Gosling makes up one half of the group Dead Man’s Bones. Alongside Zach Shields, the duo met back in ’05 but it wasn’t until 2009 that the two release their self titled debut. Performing under the alias “Baby Goose” Gosling and Shields recorded Dead Man’s Bones with the assistance of Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir.

“My Body’s A Zombie For You”


Forming in 2008, Generationals is an indie-rock group out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Composed of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, the duo were originally members of the group The Earnes Era and founded Generationals following the break-up of their previous band. Releasing their debut album in 2009, the pair have released two albums and an EP.


Buried Beds

Originally starting in 2004 as a duo between Eliza Jones and Brandon Beaver, Buried Beds eventually grew into a group effort when the pair were joined by Thomas Bendel, Tom Mallon and Hallie Sianni in 2004. Somewhere down the road, Mallon left the group to take on his new job as a father and Buried Bed gained Dave Harley.

“Breadcrumb Trails”

Indian Trails

Based in Lahti, Finland, Indian Trails is a indie quintet made up of Jouni Mathias, Nico Henry, Leo Richard,  Joel Aleksi and Antti Mikael. Releasing their single “Lights” in 2011, the group says they draw influence from summer nights and 80’s music. With the this song’s undeniably catchy rhythm, it will be hard to keep your feet still.



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